Greeters are volunteer hosts who welcome the visitors to the city. Greeters are informal; they offer an opportunity of discovering the hidden beauty and treasure of the city, information about the population and everyday life in the city as well as the opportunity to meet new friends. 

Greeters often take the visitors to the places that they themselves find interesting and important in their lives.

Greeters are NOT professional tourist guides, they do not take the guests to the museums and historical sites; what they do is connect the visitors with those who do this job.


Niš Greeters


‘Niš Greeters’ is a local volunteer service founded in 2012 as part of the project ‘Welcome to Niš’, which is supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Republic of Serbia, and was modeled on The Global Greeter Network (www.globalgreeternetwork.info). 

All the services are free of charge and available for individuals and small groups of visitors. The visitors are welcomed by volunteer hosts, the inhabitants of the city who love the place where they live. The hosts are enthusiastic young people without prejudice, eager for new friendships, and ready meet all the visitors to Niš.

The goal of the program is to present the city in all its beauty, and create a possibility for cultural exchange and connection of common people for the purposes of establishing and nourishing of good interpersonal relationships around the world.

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