Description of Duties



A greeter takes the visitors to his/her favourite part of the city, to visit ethno and specialized shops, locations etc.

Greeters help the visitors learn to use the public transport. They meet at most six (6) people at a time. Greeters welcome the visitors and wish them a nice and exciting time during their stay in Niš.


In order to become a Greeter, you have to enjoy meeting and talking to all sorts of people. Also, you have to know a lot about the city and be very positive and enthusiastic about it. We are primarily in need of people who can speak foreign languages. Greeters need to have a mobile phone and an e-mail address.

Time and Place

Greeters have to be available at least once a month for about four hours. Greeters meet the visitors in a public place. The tours are conducted 365 days a year, come rain or shine.

The advantages of the Greeter Service

Greeters will have an opportunity to show why they are proud of Niš. If you speak a foreign language, you will have an opportunity to use it. In addition, you will meet new friends from around the world, which is very exciting! You will be able to learn about new cultures, and why the visitors love their own country.


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